Welcome to the latest edition of UK Construction Excellence.

In this month’s edition we focus on the future of construction. Where will the digital revolution take us? Is the future hand-built by robots? That is one of the questions asked by Suzanne Gill and Helen Garthwaite, partners at Wedlake Bell and co-founders of Tomorrow’s City, Today’s Challenge, in their feature. Technology is often hailed for improving energy efficiency, sustainability and building lifespan, but the fear of robots ‘stealing’ construction jobs in the future is a startling one. The benefits of applying BIM technology and digital construction is demonstrated well in the Discovery Building. BIM was instrumental in the design and delivery of this new science and business hub, catch up with the project team in our report. On the other side of the coin is the skills shortage, and we look at what can be done to encourage more talent into the industry to fill this
gap now. And, as always, we catch up with the latest contract news, industry movers and our guest contributors, inside.

Victoria Maggiani



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