The skills shortage is one of the most talked about issues within our industry. With half of practising engineers expected to retire by 2025, who will replace them? What new skills do we need to take forward into the digital future of construction, and who will
teach them?
Pressures on the industry’s skill base are being highlighted with the upcoming break from the European Union, with skilled workers from abroad currently
in limbo.
The industry also suffers from an image problem with potential recruits; long hours, physical labour and male dominated environments are all cited as problems within the industry, but recent research also suggests the reluctance to embrace digital technology is leaving the sector crying out for candidates.
In this issue we look at some of the solutions presented in the form of apprenticeships, careers colleges and T-Levels, and how the industry must be more agile in developing its current
talent to capitalise on the digitisation within the industry.

Victoria Maggiani


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